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Gym workout plan - 4 day split

Training plans provide a clear structure and help you set concrete goals for your training.

With a clear program, you can easily track your progress and adjust intensity to ensure continuous improvement. Join our gym training program - designed with a 4 day workout split. Here we go!

Gym training program for 4 days per week

  • Start each session by warming up with a few minutes of cardio on the crosstrainer or treadmill.

  • Rest about one minute between each set.

Day 1: Upper Body (Chest and Back)

Day 2: Lower Body (Legs and Core)

Day 3: Rest day or light activity

Day 4: Full body

Day 5: Arms and shoulders

Days 6 and 7: Rest days or light activity

Gym workout program for both beginners and experienced

Use this program as a foundation and adjust it according to your personal goals, preferences and fitness level.

It is great to adapt the training program for beginners by starting with lighter weights and fewer repetitions.

Focus on learning proper technique for the exercises and gradually increase weights and repetitions as you get stronger.

For those of you who are experienced and have trained a lot, you can adapt the training program to your strength by, for example, increasing the weights and adding more repetitions or sets.

It is easy to vary the training and by covering different muscle groups during the weekly training sessions, you avoid overload and create a balanced physique with a reduced risk of injury.

Do you also want inspiration for a home workout for the whole body? Check out our article with an effective workout you can do at home.

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