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Björn Borg Sustainability Report 2022 - Highlights

Our goal to provide our consumers with accessible, more sustainable products begins with our belief in a classic timeless design. 2022 was a very eventful year for us at Björn Borg, not least from a sustainability perspective. Our most important contribution to a lower product footprint is to create products that become wardrobe favorites - products with high quality, long life and that will be used many times before they wear out. We test our products thoroughly and ethically in our approach to sustainability and ensure that our products are manufactured in the best possible way.

Sustainability is one of our top three focus areas and we have ambitious goals and are constantly working to find improvements at all levels. In our sustainability report for 2022, you can read about our work, projects and wins that took place during the year and what our focus is going forward. Here we will go through a couple of our highlights from 2022.

Sustainability Highlights 2022

New last-mile delivery suppliers with high sustainability goals for our e-com

Train to live - Our DNA

Focus areas for 2023 and beyond

Secure high focus on sustainability and work towards year-on-year emission reduction. Increased focus on reducing all virgin fibres Secure long-term sustainable working environment.

During 2022, the company further geared up its sustainability work. The data we collected was more exact and extensive, giving more realistic measurements, analysis, strategy, and goals. Thanks to factual data regarding e.g., material usage, supplier energy usage and waste, we will see where we have the biggest negative impact and adjust accordingly. Björn Borg is a member of the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA). We have committed to reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 from a 2020 base year. This commitment is based on a scientific consensus regarding what is required to stay within the 1,5° C warming pathway. To learn more about our joint commitments and progress, visit this website.

Despite a growing business, we have identified actions reducing our emissions by 34% in absolute numbers by 2030. Suppliers, fibres and external factors are key drivers. The innovation gap of 16% is our challenge on the path ahead.

Here you can read Björn Borg's sustainability report for 2022 in full.

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