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Running from Daylight

New capsule collection inspired by the Swedish darkness - Running from daylight.

The Running from daylight collection is designed using words in graphics, all taken from the Björn Borg's core identity. Using the design to communicate who we are and what we believe in, we hope to inspire people to reach their full potential.

Creative director Andreas Gran has a long background within the fashion industry. Starting out as a stylist at the age of 18, Scandinavian design runs deep in his aesthetics, where function trumps form and where he rather reduce than add.

Finding smart ideas that makes training easier is one of his ambitions.

Tell us the story you're trying to tell with this collection?

I want to tell the story about my vision for a remastered Björn Borg. A Swedish brand with a strong history in sports.

A brand that is built on strong values that we are all equal and that training will make you a better version of yourself.

What was your inspiration behind the design?

I wanted to make a collection designed for training on dark fall days. That salutes the darkness in Sweden during the fall where you run from the short moments of daylight into the darkness. Function was my first priority and it should inspire to training and remove obstacles.

We have worked hard with details such as where to best put your phone and where to put your keys. Things you bring with you but don’t want to disturb you during training.

All graphics are done in are reflective print to make sure you are safe in the traffic.

What garment from the collection is your personal favourite?

My favourites are the shorts done in a really lightweight perforated recycled quality with build in tights underneath. They have pockets for your phone on the leg and you can attach your t-shirt in a loop at the back if you get warm during training.

Who do you see wearing this collection?

If someone would start training because they like the collection would be a dream.

For us, it’s not about the speed or the result. It’s about using training to get better at something else. Sleep better, feel happier, be better at your job or be a better partner.

For us, the effects of training are what inspires us to make training clothes and my dream consumer would be someone who decides to start training and use our collection when doing that.

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