Gifts for Him

Searching for the ideal gift for the special men in your life? Whether it's your dad, brother, or significant other, Björn Borg has you covered with a range of stylish and comfortable options that will make him very happy. From sleek training gear and cozy sets with hoodies and joggers to the latest in sneaker fashion, we've curated a selection that caters to every man's unique style. Explore our recommendations below and discover the perfect presents to bring joy to the men you love.




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Gifts for guys who like to exercise

Of course, our wide range of men's workout clothes is the perfect gift idea for guys who like to work out. Here you will find everything from training shorts, tights and stylish, functional sports t-shirts, to comfortable, long-sleeved training shirts, sweatshirts and comfortable jogging pants. You are guaranteed to find a gift that suits him and that he can use both in the gym, as well as when he is out running, or just taking it easy between training sessions.

You can easily check off the wish lists with us at Björn Borg. We have lots of lovely gifts for him. Regardless of whether you are looking for presents for dad, a present for a boyfriend, for a brother, a friend, or whoever it may be, the gift tips are here.

Buy a nice gift box with several packs of underwear in nice patterns and colors, he will definitely appreciate it. Another hot tip is a lovely loungewear set with a pajama jacket and trousers in a stylish striped design, also in a nice gift box. It doesn't get any easier!

Birthday present for him

What do you give as a birthday present to a man who has everything? What should I give dad for his birthday? I need a nice birthday present for my husband, what should I give him? Easy to identify with these questions, right? We at Björn Borg have the answers!

Here you will find lots of tips for really good birthday presents for him. We offer something for all men, with different styles and preferences, so you can find really great gifts for all the important men in your life.

For example, how about a really cozy and stylish hoodie that is suitable for all occasions, just as well during a run, as for a shopping trip in town or just a relaxed day on the sofa.

A really nice duffel bag to use both for the training clothes when he goes to the gym, as well as for all the necessary gadgets and changes you need for a lovely weekend trip. Our duffel bags have room for everything, with several practical compartments and of course a stylish Björn Borg design.

Christmas gift for him

Is it time for this year's Christmas gift hunt for Christmas presents for all the men who are close to you? The hunt begins and ends at Björn Borg, we have the Christmas presents for him. Regardless of whether you are looking for a Christmas present for dad, a Christmas gift for your husband, or for your brother, you will find it here. Wrap a Christmas present with comfortable underwear, a nice training set with t-shirt and shorts, or why not a pair of new men's sneakers?

Gift ideas for Father's Day

No matter what occasion you want to celebrate a little extra, we have the gifts that will fit him like a glove. Maybe you're looking for a nice gift for Father's Day, a lovely Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend, or just a small package for someone just because you like them.

A pair of really stylish and comfortable men's sneakers is usually a much appreciated gift, and also something that he can use every day. Maybe even match the shoes with a cozy fleece jacket and he is ready for cozy walks and outdoor activities without freezing.

Valentine's Day gift for him

We have the Valentine's Day gifts for him. For men who value both comfort and style, a pair of soft and high-quality underpants will be a stylish and appreciated gift. We have a wide range of styles and colors to choose from.

When it comes to men's underwear, a really good gift tip for men is to sign him up to a practical and flexible underwear subscription. Then he receives packages of underwear every month or two, such a gift simply cannot go wrong.

Check out the gift tips and look around and get inspired on the website. We promise that you will find really good Valentine's Day gifts for all men here at Björn Borg.

Gift for dad

Looking for the perfect gift for your dad? Whether it's a birthday present for dad, a Christmas present, something for Father's Day or when you just want to show him a little extra appreciation, we at Björn Borg have fantastic gift ideas that will inspire and delight him.

For the dad who loves exercise and an active lifestyle, why not surprise him with some of our high quality workout clothes? We offer a wide range of sportswear that is stylish, functional and comfortable.

Accessories such as nice hats, a stylish cap, a pack of sports socks are also good gift ideas, or why not invest in a new backpack?

Gift for boyfriend or husband

To show your love and appreciation to your boyfriend or husband, we have plenty of suitable gifts. Why not give him a nice matching sweatsuit? Perfect for days off as well as on the way to the gym.

If he likes to exercise, a gym set with high functionality and stylish design is the perfect gift. We have lots of styles, models and colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect workout clothes for him.

A great gift idea is to give him some of our popular underwear. Our underwear is not only comfortable but also designed with attention to detail and a modern style.

Also check out our range of men's shoes. Here you will find everything from stylish sneakers to comfortable and stylish boots, we have something for all styles and occasions.

Gift for brother

We make it easy and fun to choose the perfect gift for your brother. In our wide range, you are guaranteed to find something he will appreciate.

For the modern and trendy brother, you can find nice gifts among Björn Borg's stylish range of accessories. A stylish cap or a new gym bag or backpack can be the perfect gift to complement his style. Our bags and backpacks combine functionality with modern design and quality

If he's into exercise, why not give him high-quality workout clothes or a pair of comfortable shoes that he can use both in and out of the gym. If he likes to play tennis or padel, we have both stylish tennis and padel clothes and practical padel bags for his rackets.