Buying a bag? - We help you find the right bag type!

Here at Björn Borg you will find a large selection of bags for women, men and children - we have something for everyone. Choose from everything from classic backpacks and sports bags to practical toilet bags, spacious tote bags and of course also stylish tennis and padel bags for storing your rackets.

Build your own stylish and smart bag wardrobe with large and small bags, so you have the perfect bag type for every occasion.

Come along and be inspired and take a closer look at our large range of bags and sports bags. You also get tips on what to consider when buying a bag - all so that you can find the right bag for you.

In the guide you can find:

* Advice when getting a new bag

* All our bag styles

* Tips on bags for different occasions

The bag is not just a stylish accessory – it's a helping hand when you need to organize your things and conveniently take them with you during the day. But how do you choose the right bag?

What should you consider when buying a bag?

• What type of bag are you looking for – a large or small bag?

• When and what do you want to use it for?

• How much space do you need?

• Is it important that it has many compartments?

In our assortment you will find both small and large bags. If you are looking for small bags for storing the most important things such as mobile phone, wallet and keys on the go - then a crossover bag or a small shoulder bag is a perfect option for you.

Are you looking for a larger backpack or bag that you can use both as a school bag, at work, and at the gym? Then our spacious backpacks and sports bags are the right choice.

We give you tips on bags in several different models, sizes, styles and colours - so you can find the best bag type for every occasion!

Bag styles


The backpack is a real classic and a bag model that is suitable both for work, training and as handy carry-on luggage for the weekend trip.

Our rucksacks have a stylish design with lots of smart, functional details that you will appreciate. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable chest strap provide a perfect fit and keep the bag in place as you move.

Our stylish backpacks also have lots of smart compartments and storage options, both on the inside and outside.

  • Many areas of use

  • Spacious bags with plenty of room for your things

  • Smart compartments for storage

Sports bags

When it comes to sports bags, there are several different models and options to choose from. In our range of bags for training you will find everything from classic sport bags and backpacks to spacious duffel bags.

The sports bags have a stylish and smart design, with plenty of storage space for all your training clothes and accessories, as well as practical compartments for wet towels, for example. Choose for yourself whether you want to carry your training bag in your hand, over your shoulder or on your back - pack everything you need and you're ready for any training session.

  • Plenty of space for training clothes and accessories

  • Smart compartments for, for example, wet towels

  • Stylish design

Duffle bags & Weekend bags

Are you looking for a bag that will take you through the day, from work and school to training and other activities? Then a duffel bag is an excellent choice, with its spacious design with plenty of room for everything you need to take with you. Here at Björn Borg you will find duffel bags in several different sizes and colors.

A stylish weekend bag is the perfect option for the trip, with plenty of room for all your things. In addition, it is designed and equipped with several smart compartments, for example a pocket for your laptop, and an external pocket that is perfect for quick and easy access to, for example, the passport or mobile phone.

  • Here you can fit everything

  • Smart compartments

  • Several models with waterproof zips – perfect for keeping things dry in all weathers

Tote bags

Tote bags are versatile bags that are suitable for both work and leisure. You can use it as a training bag and of course as the ultimate beach bag on holiday.

It is also a stylish accessory that can put the finishing touch on your outfit, while of course it is very practical. The tote bag is a smart and spacious bag where you can easily fit everything you need for the day.

  • Spacious and practical bag with room for a lot

  • Smart inner pocket with zipper for important small things such as mobile phone and wallet

  • Durable material in 100% cotton

Toiletry bags

It has a given place in the bathroom, it is easy to take with you in your training bag or on the trip – we are of course talking about the toiletry bag. This indispensable little bag is perfect for storing, for example, soap, deodorant and make-up, yes, all small things that you want to easily collect in one place.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a small or large toiletry bag, you will find it here with us. Our stylish toiletry bags have a stylish design and are available in lots of different colors and of course with the classic Borg logo that enhances the impression. It's also easy to match your toiletry bag with a larger training bag or backpack in the same color - game, set, match!

  • Practical storage for small things such as make-up, soap and other toiletries

  • Nice to match as a set together with a larger bag

  • Smart pockets and handles

Racket bags

Do you enjoy playing padel or tennis and spend a lot of time on the court? Then you need stylish and practical storage for your rackets.

Protect your rackets in style with our stylish padel bags and tennis bags. They are available in different colors and sizes with room for one or more rackets. In addition, there is a smart outer pocket with space for balls and other accessories.

The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to adjust the bag so that it fits you perfectly.

  • Stylish accessory on the padel and tennis court

  • Practical storage of rackets

  • Smart outer pocket with zip

Shoulder bags

The shoulder bag is a stylish and practical bag that is perfect for work or as a school bag. In a smart shoulder strap bag, you can fit everything from laptops and books to today's lunch box. Our shoulder bags close with a zipper so you can store everything safely.

Here at Björn Borg, you will find the perfect shoulder bag for everyday use, for example for a nice day in town. In our assortment you will find shoulder bags in different sizes and colors, choose from classic gray and black shoulder strap bags, and glossy models with a modern design. For those of you who are looking for a small shoulder bag with room only for the most important things, our Crossover bag is for you.

  • Practical storage options

  • Adjustable shoulder strap

  • Secure closure with zipper

Travel bags & Trolleys

Our collection of suitcases and travel backpacks are perfect for any trip and adventure, whether you're going on a weekend getaway or a long vacation. Perhaps you are looking for a spacious trolley or why not a practical travel backpack? Our travel bags are available in several sizes to suit all your needs. Whether you need a large trolley for a longer trip or a handy carry-on bag, we have the travel bags for you. With our high-quality and functional suitcases, you get the perfect combination of style, durability and convenience.

Bags for different occasions

Bags for gym & training

Find sports bags with plenty of space for training clothes and shoes, and with several smart compartments for storage. An extra tip is to match your training bag and put a similar toiletry bag in it, which you can store your smaller things in. Get inspired here and find the right gym and training bag just for you.

Bags for tennis- & padel rackets

Protect and store your rackets and balls in a stylish and smart way with our tennis and padel bags.

Bags for work and school

When it comes to work and school bags, practical storage is essential, you want to find spacious bags with smart compartments so you can fit things like computer, books, note pads and pens.

Bags for the beach or a day in town

A nice day off in town or a trip to the beach - then a tote bag or a stylish shoulder bag is a suitable choice – nice and stylish bags with room for everything you need during the day.

If it is perhaps time for shopping or a dinner in town, i.e. times when you only need a small bag, we have stylish cross-over bags with room for the most important things.

Bags for the weekend trip

A smart weekend bag, a spacious duffle bag, a small trolley or a larger backpack are perfect choices for the upcoming weekend trip – large bags for flexible and practical storage, equipped with several smart compartments and stylish details. Travel in style!

Bags for men

Bags for women

Bags for kids

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