Björn Borg | #TEAMBORG - m.ssmaria

#TEAMBORG - m.ssmaria

Meet @m.ssmaria, a part of #TEAMBORG.



"What is my why? Why do I do it? Why do I obsess over a little yellow ball? Why do I travel all over to play tennis? Why have I only seen my family 2 months in the last 2 years?


It’s been my dream to become a professional tennis player since I was 5. To win Wimbledon, to play for my country in the Olympics, and to play in front of huge crowds.


As I grow older my dream is the same, but my ambitions are bigger. Through playing tennis and sharing my journey on social media, I realized that the biggest achievement of all is to have a positive impact on others.


Tennis is an individual sport, but that doesn’t make it all about the individual. I hunger for success so that I can reach new personal bests, so that I can give back to those who supported me, so that one day I can help those who are hungry.




I believe the biggest success of all is to use your own to help make the world a better place. I play tennis and I share my journey with that belief in mind. And why tennis? Because it’s a beautiful sport, and I love the feeling of hitting the ball over the net.

The court is my happy place."





Photography: @irynamarian / Iryna Yanchukovich