Björn Borg | Björn Borg x Joris

Björn Borg x Joris

Together with Joris Van Velzen we have created a collection based on his personal fascination with the outer unknown.

We've teamed up with Dutch style icon Joris, founder of the online magazine MAN MAN, for a limited-edition collection. Reflecting Joris personal style and his life-long fascination with the universe, the collection has a minimalistic design with clean lines and fun prints.


“The hoodie is a favourite. The patch on the back is my life motto. Shooting for the stars. With this piece of clothing, I hope to get the message across and to inspire others. Life is too short to sit still and wait. Grab your chances, dream and kick some ass.”

Joris’ fascination with space started at a young age. When his father passed away, his mother told him stories about the stars, and explained that this was how his father watched over him.

“We lived in the countryside, so the stars were clearly visible. I dreamed of becoming an astronaut and someday floating around somewhere in the universe. I gave up the dream of becoming an astronaut, but I still live by this motto of life. Shooting for the stars.”