Björn Borg | Alexander's travel blog, pt 2

Alexander's travel blog, pt 2

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Staying in Sydney

I’ve now been away for 10 weeks and have a few more to go. Mostly for vacation, but I’ve also done a few photo jobs, which was so much fun.

During our time in Sydney we’ve been staying in a suburb called Manly. A great place for you to escape the city stress, but instead enjoy the great beaches and beautiful nature. Almost every morning I took a long walk out to the Sydney Harbour National Park - North Head. I enjoyed the view of Sydney skyline, but was also lucky enough to spot both whales, dolphins and even seals. That’s where the picture of me is taken standing on the rocks. 



Aimo wind jacket, Safety Yellow  


I’m traveling together with my friend Axel. We’ve been staying in a small house in his relatives backyard. A perfect place with great location, and it has actually worked great when it comes to training because it's so close to both the sea and the forest.

In the beginning I did a lot of running, but unfortunately I pulled a muscle so lately I’ve been doing walking and strength exercises. Mostly Tabatha, using my body and the surroundings as gear. I will write down one exercise at the end of every blog text, that you can do when you’re out traveling.




Learnings from the surf camp

After our visit in Sydney we took a bus down along the coast to a place called Seven mile beach, to learn how to surf. Everyday we had 2 classes of 2 hours each, practicing the basics of surfing. My recommendation for beginners is to go to a surf camp, to get the basics right.

We learned how to do the daily surf check, catch bigger waves (green waves) and how to turn the board while riding a wave. After this week we are looking forward to new surfing adventures on our own. 

During the surf week I didn't need any extra training. It was more than enough with 4 hours of surfing every day. Surfing is great training, especially for your upper body since you’re paddling a lot. 

After the surf week at Seven mile beach in Gerroa, we took the bus back to Sydney and then continued by night bus to Byron Bay. This ride takes almost 13 hours, so you have to make sure to sleep and stand up a lot. In Byron Bay we stayed for 5 nights and continued to improve our surfing. We stayed in hostels all nights, which was super fun. You get to know so many new people from all over the globe.


Drone photographing

I wasn’t surfing all the time, because I felt that I needed some time with my camera and drone as well. So during one surfing session I took photos of Axel while catching some waves.

When flying a drone you have to think one step ahead; what will the surfer do next, and when is the wave coming? Be as prepared as you possibly can to get the best photos. 




Something else that is important when flying a drone is to be aware of all the rules and regulations. It's easy to read about those on the internet, or download an app. I’m using ”Can I fly here?”

Taking photos of moving surfers in the water might be hard, and especially if you do not have a water housing, which I haven’t. So you need a lens with good focal length, I would recommend a lens with a focal length of at least 200mm. To get a little closer you should also try to get as far out in the water as you can, as long as it´s safe for the camera. Try to use a high shutter speed to really make sure that you capture the right moment.  


Entering Surfer's Paradise

After this trip we headed further north - to Surfer's Paradise! The name of the city says a lot about this place. But unfortunately we didn’t have that much luck with the conditions, and we just had one day of surfing. But that’s the life of surfing. You never know what to expect. 

2 days in Surfers went by fast, and then we were off to the next destination called Noosa. Approximately 4 hours north from Surfer's Paradise. We are just south of the Great Barrier Reef, close to Brisbane. Yesterday was our first full day here and in the afternoon I went out for a run in my new shoes and just a pair of August shorts from Björn Borg.

I decided to test a new trail and this turned out to be one of the best decisions for a very long time. I found a hidden beach with views taken from a movie, and the only way down was to climb. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera so I have to show you in my next post.



Aimo wind jacket in Camo Blue   

How to workout while traveling

Every time I’m writing, I will post one or more exercises that you can try when you’re out traveling or just at home. Until next time, try my interval pyramid: 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1.

First you do 1 minute of running, then you count yourself up to 5 minutes until you go back down again. So you go 1-2-3-4-5 minutes, and then back down to 4-3-2-1 min. You rest half of the time after every interval. 1 minute activity gives you a 30 sec rest, 2 minutes acitivity gives you a 1 minute rest.


High five!