Björn Borg | The Archive Collection

The Archive Collection

Our new capsule collection is inspired by Björn Borg’s famous chief designer during the 80’s, Rohdi Heintz. 

His legacy, style and creativity was the starting point of the Archive Collection – a contemporary sportswear capsule with retro silhouettes.


- It was great to go back in time and get inspired by the 80’s. The style and sketches from this era was a true inspiration for us when creating this new contemporary sportswear collection; The Archive Collection, says Mija Nideborn, Design Director at Björn Borg. 



"Archive Crew Neck" in color Jet Stream /  "Archive Track Jacket" in color Jet stream


Our designers looked into our historical archive and got inspired by some of Rohdi Heintz’s most legendary fashion designs from the 1980’s. Rohdi Heintz became famous as a fashion designer throughout the world during the 60’s when he was one the first who showed interest in unisex styles.


We used the design language with block shapes and characteristic colours from the creative 80’s and created a contemporary sportswear collection with retro silhouettes that carries the Björn Borg legacy forward.


The Archive Collection

The Archive Collection

"Archive Cotton Stretch Shorts"