Björn Borg | #TEAMBORG - @fer_calisthenics

#TEAMBORG - @fer_calisthenics

Meet @fer_calisthenics, a part of #TEAMBORG.

"How do I juggle a full-time job, maintain the lifestyle of an athlete and stay motivated? It all comes down to time management.

It's about prioritising the things that really matter to you, and understanding that training benefits you not only physically but mentally as well.

In the last few years I have found out how important it is to continue to be strict with my chosen lifestyle (diet and training) but also allow flexibility for personal projects. Staying dedicated to the lifestyle allows you to build a strong foundation so that results can been seen quicker and technical improvements made faster."



"Staying disciplined and hungry in everything you do makes you the best version of yourself. Laziness is not a compatible way of being with my mindset and lifestyle. I decided long ago to never let it be an option for me.

People who only know me on social media can’t see that most of my day is software development, it's maths, algorithms and solving logic problems. So it’s not just gymnastics and calisthenics training. I have specialised in Android development and have achieved a lot in that field in the last few years which I put down to a sport mindset and continuous training. I have worked for a start-up in San Francisco and spoke at Droidcon London, which is one of the biggest android events in Europe."



"An inspirational movement specialist for me is Ido Portal, because is the most competent movement specialist I have ever seen.


I want to inspire people like he has inspired me by encouraging people to keep moving, to choose a sport that motivates them and gets them up in the morning, to keep practicing and stay focused on their goals."