Björn Borg | Swap drugs for sportswear - workout is the new high

Swap drugs for sportswear - workout is the new high

Last week, a revolutionary pop-up shop opened in central Amsterdam, where people could swap drugs for sportswear. Why? Because you don’t need drugs to get high – the same feel-good substances are released in your brain when you work out.

We opened up a pop up store in central Amsterdam where people could swap one high for another, and trade drugs for sportswear. 

Exercise affects the level of encannabinoids, endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin in your brain. The release of neurotransmitters can mirror the effect of some type of drugs.. For instance, 45 minutes of running might give you the same degree of pain relief as a dose of morphine.




Lennart Högman, Senior lecturer at Stockholm University and researcher in cognitive neuroscience, explains:

–When you are physically active, the brain changes the levels of chemical messengers used for communication between brain cells that play an important role in regulating your mood. The effects of working out are very individual and it’s up to each and everyone to find out for themselves what levels of intensity and duration that works best – in order to reach an exerhigh.