Tim Visser was born and raised in Holland. By demolishing boarders and prejudice he has succeeded in becoming a professional rugby player – now representing the Scottish national team.

Tim Visser was born and raised in Holland. Today he is a rugby player representing the Scottish national team. How did that happen?

Tim was the rugby player in a society not that interested in rugby. Holland, being more famous for its soccer, ice speed skating and windmills, still hadn’t seen a single inhabitant turning professional in the sport. Little did anyone know that things were about to change. It was Tim’s father, Marc Visser, who introduced him to rugby. Marc who, up to this day, still holds the record for being the most capped player in Holland, put Tim and his brother Sep into the rugby community. With his size and moves, Tim soon became the star of his team. At 16 he prepared to go to school in Amsterdam to study economics and develop his rugby further. That was when he was spotted by Newcastle players Joe Shaw and James Grindal in Amsterdam.

The two players pulled some strings and suddenly Tim found himself going to school and playing rugby in England instead – the home of rugby. He played his way into the England schools’ team, and was afterwards signed to the British league as the first Dutch professional rugby player of all time. Moving on to Scotland and Edinburgh, he earned his nickname “The Flying Dutchman”, as well as the love and respect from teammates and fans. Proving that you can come from literally anywhere in any sport, Tim earned his Scottish citizenship on residency grounds in 2012 and made his dream come true by joining the Scottish national team. He has been a part of it ever since.