Björn Borg | @alexanderarnholm travel blog pt 1

@alexanderarnholm travel blog pt 1


My name is Alexander Arnholm I´m a twenty year old photographer from Lerdala, Sweden, and I´m one of the members of #TEAMBORG. During a couple of weeks you can follow my adventures through Australia and New Zeeland on this page, and on my instagram @alexanderarnholm.



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First of all, I will start to tell you a little bit about my background when it comes to training and photography, and how it helped me to become the person I am today.

Training is something that has always been a major part of my life. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved running around with balls, so soccer became my first real sport at the age of 5. Then I started to play handball and when I turned 12 my passion had become health and training.



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My stubbornness and goal oriented attitude has helped me a lot when it comes to photographing. Photography is sometimes very challenging - you have to perform during different circumstances. This demands you to be both physically and mentally strong.

You might wonder why things turned out the way it did with my photography. It actually started with my grandma! She’s a photographer and brings her camera with her everywhere, which influenced me.

At the age of 14 I saw this DSLR camera in a newspaper and wished for it as a Christmas present. I brought it on vacations, but I didn’t use it more than that until 2014, when I started using Instagram. At first, I wasn’t really convinced of putting up pictures on a platform like that. One year went by and I started to like Instagram more. My friends and family started to tell me how good the pictures were.




In 2017 I hurt my knee, and there was no chance for me to continue playing handball. Suddenly I had lots of time; time to spend on other things. So I asked myself; ”people kept on saying that they liked my photos, so why not try to gain some money on it, you got nothing to lose”.

In September 2017 I put up a post on Instagram telling everyone that I started my own photo company. And my first job came just a few days later. That’s how it all took off!



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Today I train in multiply ways. Running, mountain biking and cross country skiing are my main activities. I will write more about this in later posts and give you ideas and motivation in how to become better at training and photography.


High five!