Björn Borg | What is Solution Dye?

What is Solution Dye?

Colour is thirsty. It takes 3 gallons water to dye each yard of fabric in the world. But when using the Solution Dye technique, not one single drop of water is used when colouring fabrics.


In brief, the Solution Dye technique means reducing water and chemicals used when dyeing fabrics. This process involves mixing the pigment in with the raw or recycled polyester chips, before they are even extruded into filaments. By dyeing the fibres without water, there will also be a reduced chemical waste.

Those products also have a great colourfastness and UV-resistance.




Look for the ”Water Saving Technology” symbol on hang tags and packaging, as well as in our web shop.

Our sustainability efforts represents not only our collections and all the work that we put behind finding new sustainable materials and production techniques, but also our work with factory controls for chemicals, working conditions and human rights among other things.

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