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In our selection of shoes for men, you will find many options for both training and leisure. Choose from stylish men's shoes of high quality, in several different models, everything from stylish sneakers to comfortable slip-on sandals. We make it easy to complete your sporty look with our training and sportswear with a pair of men’s trainers. Our sporty shoes help you reach your goals in style.




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High quality shoes for men

Explore the wide range of shoes for men where you will find everything from sneakers and classic tennis shoes, to slip on sandals for vacations and comfortable slippers for lazy days at home. Our shoes for men have a clean design with stylish details and logos that add that little something extra.

Durable and high quality, good grip, cushioning, and of course maximum comfort are consistent for all our sports shoes. The materials on the shoes are durable and often recycled, good for both the environment and you.

Complete the look for both work and leisure with a pair of modern shoes for men. How about a pair of low sneakers in leather, timeless canvas shoes, or a pair of sports shoes with stylish details and logos?

Here you will find shoes for men, for all occasions and areas of use. Casual shoes for work and walking around town, sporty training shoes for the session at the gym, and comfortable slippers to relax in.

At Björn Borg there are options for all seasons when it comes to shoes for men. Check out our men's shoes for summer, in the form of low sneakers and classic canvas shoes for men. Of course, you also add a pair of slippers for all days at the beach or by the pool. For days with colder temperatures, we have warm high-top sneakers with a powerful sole for extra grip.

So regardless of whether you are looking for, for example, a pair of classic tennis shoes in a stylish retro design or a pair of relaxed slippers for the holidays, you will find it at Björn Borg. We bring you sporty leisure shoes and sports shoes for men. Find the model that suits your style.

How to take care of your men's shoes in the best way

Have you just invested in a new pair of shoes? How fun! By caring for and protecting your shoes in a good way, they get a longer life.

So how do you take care of your stylish men's shoes and make them stay fresh and in new condition for a long time? Impregnating the sports shoes with a spray from the start is a very good way to protect them against the elements. There are also plenty of effective products to clean your men's shoes. Depending on the material of the shoes, different products and cleaning methods can be used. In our shoe guide, you can read more and get more tips on how to take care of your shoes.

Sports shoes and trainers that give you the right support

As with all shoes, it is very important that your training shoes give you good support and have a comfortable fit. Our sports shoes for men combine comfort and design in the best way.

Here you will find sports shoes for men in the classic sneaker model, with a strong sole in lightweight rubber that contributes to a nice grip and comfortable cushioning. Of course, the insole can be removed and aired when you feel it's time to freshen up the training shoes.

We also have low trainers for men, with a flexible rubber sole with anti-slip grip and a comfortable fit - an excellent option for power walks as well as for the session at the gym.

In comfortable Björn Borg sports shoes and training shoes for men, you will go far.