Björn Borg | Top 4 lunge variations by Valdemar

Top 4 lunge variations by Valdemar

If you aren’t a fan of the basic lunge, then you’re in luck today. Valdemar Fredriksson brings us 4 variations to level up your leg workout!

You can use dumbbells as well as kettlebells, and lunge it in any preferred direction.

1. Suitcase lunge
Use one weight, any preferred side

2. Front rack lunge
Works as well with kettlebell/dumbbell/barbell

3. Waiter and suitcase lunge
Remember to fully extend the arm through the whole sequence (waiter)

4. Zercher lunge

If the barbell gets too uncomfortable, use a yoga mat or a bar pad to make it comfier

Enjoy - and remember to alternate!⁠ Variation is the key.








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