Sibling Rivalry


Feb 23th 2018

Rivalry between siblings. We were born to love them just as much as we were born to challenge them.

Dear Rival

Our rivals make us better, they make us go that extra mile, they’re the reason we’re constantly improving and never settling. This year we asked ourselves, what’s the greatest rivalry of them all? The answer? Rivalry between siblings. We were born to love them just as much as we were born to challenge them.

This year we want to show the world that rivalry and love can be two sides of the same coin. We decided to challenge famous brothers and sisters on Valentine’s day.

Dear Rival

Alex & Calle Schulman

Whatever I’ve done in my life, he’s been right there next to me. You want to be… BETTER. At everything. And when that hasn’t worked, I’ve invented a new competition instead of admitting defeat. Always that. A new sport. I guess that’s rivals do. Whether or not you know them. Rivals make us maximize what we do. - Calle Schulman

Dear Rival

Peg & Penny Parnevik

"Ever since we were little, we’ve always been in competition. The typical big sis-little sis rivalry. We fought all the time and always wanted to outdo each other. But as we’ve gotten older, I’ve learned so many things from you. You push me to be a better person, to be kinder and more curious, to be fearless. You’re the calm to my storm. You’re my therapist, my coach, and my cheerleader all in one. Thank you for motivating me and inspiring me every day." - Peg Parnevik

Dear Rival

Henrik & Tom Ljungqvist

As my big brother, you’ve always pushed me forward by trying different experiments and theses. We have always competed. To have an opponent that’s both bigger and stronger than you makes you better, faster. Thanks for always being my toughest, hardest and best rival. - Tom Ljungqvist

Dear Rival

Joanna Fingal & Tilda Bjärsmyr

My rock! The only difference in our relationship is that THEN we fought over boys and clothes. Little things and silly things. TODAY we’re at war and fighting side by side. Love between siblings have never meant more. In my eyes, she’s the strongest of them all. The funnies mom, best partner and most reliable friend. If I one day become even part of what you are, I’ll be happy. Stronger together, forever and always. - Joanna Fingal

Dear Rival

Emil & Victor Beer

Ever since I was born have you been my big brother, but also my biggest rival (and momentarily my archenemy). I have always compared myself with you, which have been difficult since you’ve always been slightly better than I at everything we do, which in hind sight might have been a good thing since it’s made me push myself further and to the best of my abilities. But there’s something you can never take from me, and that’s that I am 1 centimeter taller than you, and we both know deep down that that’s all that matters, so I won. - Emil Beer

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