Find your Tribe - 2021 / 08 / 11

Sharareh Hoss

Meet Sharareh

Our new ambassador, founder of Hoss Agency and fashion designer

What does training mean to you?

Training means a lot to me. Training has helped me both physically and mentally.

When I was younger, I played basketball and danced. I've always done some sort of workout. Being active has taught me so much about becoming a team player, something extremely important whether you're on a basketball team or creating a campaign for  

At the moment, I still work out in the mornings to start my day in the best possible way, and handle all the stress in my life with work but also, I realized how much it helps with everything my body goes through with my IVF and Endometriosis but also just make me a happier person overall.

What’s your relationship to Björn Borg?

My relationship with Björn Borg started in my teens in the 90's when it suddenly became a trend to show the logo on your panties above your jeans, you were supercool if you styled it like this with a pair of baggy jeans.

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