Find your Tribe - 2021 / 06 / 24

Lisa Olsson

Meet Lisa:

We’re proud to announce our new ambassador, entrepreneur and founder of Nootka @lisa.olssons: “Proud to share with you that I am teaming up with @bjornborg as an ambassador this year. Björn Borg has truly become a natural part of my everyday life and I love to wear it closest to my skin when working out. I love how my mind and body feels after a long run without any distractions, it is truly something I do for me and myself only. #TrainToLive“

What's your relationship to Björn Borg?

I have been a fan of the quality of Björn Borg for many years and I love the aesthethic direction the new collection is taking.

What does training mean to you?

Working out has always been important to me, when I was younger I competed in cheerleading and I am forever grateful for all those memories, connected to training.

How do you style athleisure outside of the gym?

I do not only wear workout garments when working out so Björn Borg has become natural part of my wardrobe in several ways. For example I'd easily go for a pair of tights paired with a blazer, or suit pants together with a minimalistic cropped Björn Borg top. I always aim to build a versatile wardrobe.

What type of training will do the most of this summer?

I fell in love with running ( for real) last summer and I will definitely keep that up this summer too. I just love how it makes my body and mind feel.

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