While the other kids tried to learn how to jump, Oscar Scherlin was already polishing his 360 to perfection, earning him the title “wonderkid”. He is the slopestyle skier who travels across the world doing what he loves.

Growing up next to the popular ski resort Åre in Sweden, Oscar Scherlin spent his entire childhood on the slopes. While the other kids tried to learn how to jump, Oscar was already polishing his 360 to perfection. Barely a teenager, he got invited to Jon Olsson Invitational – a competition launched by his biggest idol, Jon Olsson, where some of the world’s best freestyle skiers participated.

Oscar didn’t win that competition – that would’ve been completely insane. But the 13-year-old Swede did well enough to get all major ski media to hype him as the next big thing. He soon earned the title “wonderkid”, and just a couple of days after the competition he had signed with two of the biggest brands in skiing.

To give young talent the same opportunity that he himself got, he started the slopestyle competition “Sponsor Me” in 2013, where aspiring skiers get the chance to show their talent in front of company scouts.

Today, at 25, Oscar is still touring the globe shooting movies, photographs and competing with some of the best people in the business. When it’s summer in the northern hemisphere, you can be sure to find him in the south. Where there is snow, there is Oscar Scherlin.