B Tomorrow


B. Tomorrow

Wouldn’t you love it if the world was in a complete environmental balance? In a utopia, yes, but before that, it will require work. A lot of work, dedication, and collaboration.

Björn Borg operates in a business which by nature has a negative impact on the environment.

But no matter how frustrating and despairing that may feel, most of us need to cover our bodies with something. So we need to find new ways, new technologies, new materials. We can make a difference. We can contribute to change. And it is our responsibility both as human beings, and as a company, to keep our ecological footprint as small as ever possible.

For each collection, we introduce new products made from sustainable materials and our goal is that by 2020, 70% of our products will be sustainable. We can’t wait to show you what we have up our sleeves!

Our current collection offers products in organic cotton and better cotton, as well as recycled polyester, a material made from petroleum derivates such as PET bottles, and recycled polyamide, a material produced from post-consumer plastic waste, such as for instance fish nets and mats found in our seas. An amazing way to prevent waste from going to landfills!

B. Tomorrow

How we do it

Under the name B. Tomorrow, Björn Borg works actively with reducing our carbon footprint as well as securing good working conditions and respecting human rights for people manufacturing our products. B. Tomorrow represents not only our collections and all the work we put behind finding new sustainable materials and production techniques, but also our work with

* Factory controls for e.g. chemicals, working conditions, and human rights. Controls are done both by us and by an independent inspection firm checking 13 different performance areas.

* Making sure that our factories meet our high social standards, and improve over time

* Controlling that our products are free from hazardous chemicals

* Working towards longevity and durability. Quality is at our core and we do rigorous quality controls

* Using recyclable and renewable materials in our stores, bags, hangers, and packaging

* Actively lowering our environmental footprint through, for instance, using as little air freight as possible (down to 2%), working towards transparency in our supply chain through mapping our sub-contractors for dyeing and weaving, and looking ourselves in the mirror through constantly working on minimising waste in our own operations.

Sustainable products in our Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection: Our whole Centre collection is made from organic cotton,our BORG tee and our Cora and Connie tights are made from recycled polyester, our Clara tights are made from recycled polyamide, and our Cody, Carla, Colleen, Candy and Cam tops are made from recycled polyester.

For our core underwear with a 4,5 cm waistband, we have partnered with an organisation called BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) to help improve cotton farming globally. When buying these products, you support BCI farmers that are trained to use water efficiently and care for the availability of water, while also caring for the health of the soil and conserving natural habitats, as well as in actively phasing out human rights abuses.

Our sustainability work is integrated in the core of our business and takes a central part in our product development strategy. The ambition is to close the loop and minimise the environmental impact during the whole product lifecycle.

Please help us contributing to a greener world by washing your clothes in cooler water with a sustainable brand detergent, hang dry instead of using your tumbler, hang on to your clothes instead of acting on the impulse of buying new (both your wallet and the planet will thank you for it), and choose the high quality and most sustainable products when you buy them.

None of us can make the world sustainable on our own, but together we will be better. Much better! So join us on our journey towards to making a difference and creating a more sustainable planet! B. Tomorrow!

With much love from us to you.

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