Wear Björn Borg Shorts at work

It's Summer - Wear Björn Borg Shorts at the office!

Jul 28th 2017

There is an ongoing debate amongst fashion gurus on how men should wear shorts, when and where they should wear it. There is also discussion whether men should wear shorts, even during summer time, since it is considered as “boyish”.

The fashion designer Tom Ford once uttered “A man should never wear shorts in the city” on an interview he did with Another Mag giving five tips on how to be a modern gentlemen.

“Men in shorts are disgusting” – is a crueller opinion stated by the writer and culture critic Fran Lebowitz on an interview she did with Elle.

Even though we see, read or hear fashion expert's views of men wearing shorts the connotation of the garment are slowly changing into a more positive approach.

Björn Borg

According to fashion and business magazines such as GQ and Business Insider, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed for men wearing shorts. They must fit perfectly, they cannot be too tight nor too big. It is essential that they should be hitting above your knees and most importantly you ought to wear your shorts with style.

Björn Borg

We at Björn Borg give credits to the athleisure trend that is growing endlessly, since it pushes the boundaries of wearing sportswear in professional environments. This could be the reason why men are feeling more comfortable wearing shorts at the office during warmer seasons.

Björn Borg

Either you wear shorts only when active, or both at the gym and at the office find your favourite shorts below and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

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