It’s a known fact that if you’re a popular brand, others copy what you do and try to free-ride on the efforts you make. We are sorry to say that there are fake Björn Borg products out there. These products are nothing like the real thing – they are ususally of really bad quality, with substandard prints, poor seams, crooked labels etc. As always, in terms of quality, you get what you pay for.

Sale of fake products (so called ”counterfeits” or ”knock-offs”) isn’t just bad for us as a brand, it’s also harmful in a wider context. Counterfeit products are illegal and tend to originate from organized crime that take little regard to decent working conditions for factory staff or harmful chemical content in garments. The people behind these businesses may also deal in drugs or trafficking. Ask yourself, or anyone you know that buys counterfeits, if this is really something that should be supported.

Only by buying the real stuff can you be sure to get high quality products, manufactured under decent working conditions (without use of child or forced labor for example) and with proper chemicals control.

You can be sure to get the real thing if you purchase your Björn Borg products through the Björn Borg official webshop (www.bjornborg.com) or any of the official Björn Borg Stores or authorized retailers within our own distribution network. You can get name and address of stores and authorized retailers through our Store Locator or from the local Björn Borg distributor in your country List of Distributors. Remember, authentic Björn Borg products are not sold in a temporary market stand, on the street or through some fishy advertisement online.

We are committed to ensuring that the Björn Borg brand remains a reliable symbol of quality and sustainability – and we fight counterfeiters on a daily basis. We monitor the Internet, work with Customs authorities and send out investigators to screen market sales etc.

If you have any information regarding suspected counterfeit activities, please contact us at [email protected]. We sometimes reward perceptive and loyal individuals that help us catch some bad guy – usually with some nice, authentic Björn Borg products!