Björn Borg | 5 best tips to create workout videos at home

5 best tips to create workout videos at home

Our friends Sweat So Salty is sharing their 5 best tips for creating workout videos at home.


“How to make workout videos from your living room. I guess that's the question amongst fitness and health professionals at the moment. It’s time to get creative and start servicing your customers and audience online.


In this video, we will talk about the 5 most important aspects of creating a workout video from home while only using your smartphone.


I hope this helps out to those who are looking to improve their skills. This way we can help each other out in these difficult times.”


Head to Team SALTY for more online workouts, tutorials and wellness experiences!



Thanks to team Sweat So Salty!






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    CATALINA TIGHTS Black Radiate
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  3. Björn Borg | 2011-1227_91701_full_1.jpg
    CLE RACERBACK TANK Black Radiate
  4. Björn Borg | 2011-1216_91701_full_1.jpg
    AUGUST SHORTS Black Radiate
  5. Björn Borg | 2011-1213_91701_full_1.jpg
    ALDO PERF TEE Black Radiate

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