Sustainability - 2021 / 02 / 05

Let's talk green goals together

Let's talk green goals

Agenda 2030 is the plan that the United Nations set in 2015 about how to secure a better tomorrow - for our Earth and for the people who live in it.

It is a plan to take climate action, strengthen gender equality and eradicate poverty among other things. We must all pitch in - no matter if we are a nation, a company, or a person; this is a project where we all hold hands and work towards a common goal.

Our climate is soaring and the whole world is uniting to save our planet. At Björn Borg, we base our whole business around making it more sustainable. One of our goals is to decrease our carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 and all our employees set green goals to help to fulfil this goal. Apart from that, many of us set private green goals.

We asked our employees to share some of theirs:

Live minimalistic

Digital detox

4 consumption-free months

Reduce printing paper

Bike to work

Support green charity

Eat more vegan food

Recycle all clothing

Reduce carbon footprint

Learn about the circular economy

How can you contribute? Set a goal for this year! If you want to know more about our sustainability efforts click here.

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