Björn Borg | Teaming up with Joel Kinnaman

Teaming up with Joel Kinnaman


We’re proud to announce that Joel Kinnaman has joined our mission to inspire people to be more by doing sports and together we believe that anyone can become better.


How did the collaboration come about?

Björn Borg approached me with this idea of a partnership and soon we realised that we stand for the same type of values and attitude towards sports.


The constant struggle for betterment that sports builds on is something that I’d like to think reflects onto all aspects of my life, and this is a message that we both want to convey and inspire.


"Björn Borg stand for so much more than training. Training for both them and me is a way of feeling better and achieving more, not only physically."



"I look forward to really inspire people on the benefits of training, and what it can do to not only your body but your mind. A common goal for me and Björn Borg for this launch is to show how good you will feel when doing sports."



Björn Borg’s main purpose is to inspire people to become better versions of themselves through sports. What’s your main takeout from their mission? 

For me it’s really about how sports is the key to wellbeing and how Björn Borg wants to be an enabler of that.


Will your new collaboration with Björn Borg mean that you spend more time in Sweden?

Yes, with the campaign soon launching I will definitely spend more time in Sweden. I am really excited to be a part of Björn Borg's Sports Hour to train with the entire team and experience company culture first hand.


What was your first reaction when you heard about Björn Borg’s compulsory Sports Hour?

I thought it was awesome! It really shows that they are serious about their ambitions and goals.



Joel Kinnaman will be the new global face of all product categories – underwear, performance and sportswear.