Stefan Olsson was born with artogryphosis, a condition making him unable to use his body from the waist down. But despite what other people said or thought, Stefan set out to fulfill his dream: to become one of the world’s greatest tennis players. Today, he is an Paralympic gold medalist and one of our game changer ambassadors.

Stefan Olsson was born in the small village Sundborn in the middle of Sweden. Due to the congenital condition artogryphos, a condition making him unable to use his body from the waist down, he spent his first years pushing himself around on a red Bobby-car while dreaming of becoming one of the world’s greatest athletes.

He followed sports closely and soon begun to push his own limits, not paying any attention to what other people considered to be possible. At the age of 7, he was first introduced to wheelchair tennis. People who were there testify on how it was impossible to get Stefan off the court that day. And the next day. And the next. And so it went on.

In 1999, aged 12, Stefan went to Holland to play his first international tournament. As it so happens, he passed by all of his opponents and went back to Sweden with his first major junior trophy. From that day, he himself started to realize that this could be it. This could be his chance to become that world-class athlete.

13 years and an infinite amount of struggles, fights and victories later, Stefan went on to win his biggest title so far. The Olympic gold in London, 2012. Today, while continuing to redefine what is possible, he is also one of our game changer ambassadors. And we are really proud of that.


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