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Oct 20th 2017

The perception of Björn Borg is that he was the first to wear clothes that looked a bit different and more fashionable from the other tennis players. It also feels like there has been a huge boost with the Borg movie, which has recreated Björn Borg as a sports fashion brand.

Björn Borg has had the privilege to interview Tjuvjakt, a group of five young creative and talented music artists from Stockholm, Sweden. In this interview Tjuvjakt shares about their music career, their love for street fashion. They also share their view of Björn Borg as a brand and about Björn Borg’s latest apperal release the Centre Collection.


Fast Facts


How old are you: 23

Where do you live: Fredhäll

Dream profession you had as a child: My mom asked me every birthday what I wanted to be and every year there was something new: Thief, Police, Fire fighter. But if I have to say something with music, I've been written songs since I was 8 years old.

What symbolizes your style: My style isn’t t very pretentious

Hidden talent: I can put my leg behind my head


How old are you: 24

Where do you live: Stockholm City

Dream profession you had as a child: Animal photographer

What symbolizes your style: Comfortable, amusing and minimalist

Hidden talent: Juggling


How old are you: 25

Where do you live: Lidingö

Dream profession you had as a child: Drummer in a big band

What symbolizes your style: Street, long sweaters, pants that aren’t too tight. I love shoes and certainly have 25 pairs at home

Hidden talent: I can lick my own nose


How old are you: 26

Where do you live: Gärdet

Dream profession you had as a child: Professional Soccer Player

What symbolizes your style: Humble and wicked nice. Partille-Johnny meeting Stokhlms bitch mixed with a wannabe hipster

Hidden talent: Skiing


How old are you: 26

Where do you live: Lidingö

Dream profession you had as a child: I still don’t know

What symbolizes your style: Colorful both personally and in style

Hidden talent: I am Terribly good at the Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 64


How did you meet, and how did you start the idea of Tjuvjakt?

We have all been doing music since childhood and had our eyes at each other during our high school years. It all started in 2012 when Olle, Arvid and Jesper meeting in the studio and producing some songs including “Saccosäck” and “Tandtråd”, which was later discovered by different record labels. When we were to play on the radio for the first time we had no band name. However, we earlier created a song called “Tjuvjakt” that was about chasing after girls with a safari car. Due to lack of idea what we should call ourselves we decided to become Tjuvjakt. Fredrik and Kid later joined the band.

Do you have different roles in the band? What are they?

Jesper and Arvid are the rappers and then Kid, Fredrik and Olle are the music producers. Olle is good at writing songs, creating chord sequences and sometimes he sings too. Kid usually does the final mix and Fredrik does both writing and mixing our music.


What is your relationship to the brand Björn Borg?

We have all rocked Björn Borg underwear over the years. For example, Jesper received a pair of Björn Borg briefs as Christmas present every Christmas Eve as long as he can remember.

What do you think of Björn Borg as a brand?

Our view of Björn Borg is very much about tennis clothes, but it is also difficult to distinguish between the person and the brand. The perception of Björn Borg is that he was the first to wear clothes that looked a bit different and more fashionable from the other tennis players and it seems that the idea of the brand Björn Borg has been the same. It also feels like there has been a huge boost with the Borg movie, which has recreated Björn Borg as a sportsfashion brand. Moreover, we also have the feeling the vision of Björn Borg as the brand is to be creative and to always push yourself to go out of your comfort zone.

What similarities / differences do you see between Tjuvjakt and Björn Borg (the brand)?

First and foremost, we all have a pair of headbands. Fashionably we feel both classy, but sometimes we like to stand out. It has been an important part for us as a group that we have achieved our success reaching genuinely out to our followers with common interests through music. Similarly, Björn Borg always felt genuine towards his fans without involving marketing and artificial campaigns.


What are your favorite pieces from the Björn Borg Center Collection?

Olle: I really like the polo shirt. Says the guy who never wears the garmet. But I also tend wanting to go outside my comfort zone.

Jesper: I like the black sweat pants, they are awesome. The polo shirt is also my favorite.

Fredrik: The sweat pants and sweat shirt. Awesome material and cozy.

Arvid: The high-collar white t-shirt is my favorite. Just because it has a little higher collar.

Kid: The hoodie is my big favorite.


What does the Centre Collection symbolize for you?

The Centre collection is cozy and at the same time stylish plus it feels like it goes well with the brand. A basic wardrobe that works with everything you desire to wear.

Is it important for you that the clothes are made of organic cotton? How important is sustainability for you?

Absolutely. One of the most important thing when choosing clothes is the quality, how it feels and how it is made. We can feel that the Centre Collection was made out of good material.


How important are clothes for you as artists?

It is becoming more important to us, partly because our own fashion interests have grown over the years. After all, we are not only selling music, we are “selling” ourselves as individuals and clothes are a big part of the impression. We believe that one of our strengths is that we are different in so many levels. We dress differently, we have different interests and it's not just a strength when we create music, but we believe our differences makes more people can relate to us as a group.

Are you inspired by each other in your clothing style and are you purchasing the same stuff?

It has happened, but not usually. Maybe a pair of jeans and sweaters here and there. We have tried to coordinate our clothes a few times and once we also designed our own jackets, but it ended up us all feeling stagnated about it so we decided to move forward by letting it go. Now everyone wears whatever they want.


Who is the best dressed in the band?

Haha, everyone would probably say themselves. We can really appreciate the garments that the others in the band wear, but as we say, we usually like different things

Do you always keep the style?

Yes, we probably have different level of pride here, however it feels like there's a hygiene factor attached to on what to wear. Clean and stylish clothes give you better self-esteem and also keep you in the good mood when at times you feel “blue”.


What the next step for Tjuvjakt?

We released an album earlier this summer and this autumn we will release a short film on which the album is based on. The film is a great project that we are looking forward on showing. Then we expect to continue on a tour during the fall and then we plan to go for a while to create new material.

What future ambitions do you have for Tjuvjakt?

We are excited to do more with Tjuvjakt, more music and even movies that are a medium we have thought to be great fun to work with. But we are also keen to do more with our own projects. The idea of Tjuvjakt is it should be like a collective where there could also be time and space for making individual things.

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