Björn Borg | Charles Jeffrey Loverboy x Björn Borg

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy x Björn Borg

Charles Jeffrey releases his first underwear collaboration, a limited edition collection of men’s printed underwear.

Glaswegian designer, artist and radical creative Charles Jeffrey, 27, is the man at the helm of the fashion industry's most talked-about new addition: Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY. As noted by US Vogue:

"Jeffrey is currently the upholder of all that is human, creative and cheerful about British Fashion."

His three limited edtition prints is inspired by joy, movements and his signature portrait. 


Where did you find inspiration to your prints?

The prints we developed for this capsule - which I've dubbed Scream, Squiggle and Squirm - are all really instinctive developments of motifs I've used for years; LOVERBOY signatures that I always return to.

The inspiration doesn't tend to come from anywhere external with this way of working, they're almost little characters. Kind of like friends!


Loverboy Scream

The SCREAM print. Based on LOVERBOY’s signature ‘Joy' illustration; the wearer is encouraged to feel happy and elated whilst sporting these boxers.

Tell us the story you're trying to tell with this collection?

We built a colourful and comedic story around the product, with Dexter Lander, one of my favourite photographers in London right now.

It almost happened by accident, but whilst on set we started realising that what we were building was a kind of mash-up of some of the visual cues of eccentric Britishness that I love the most: Culture Club, The Mighty Boosh, a bit of David Bowie. What ties them all together is colour, a sense of performance, a dispensing with gender norms. It's a lot of things I love - remixed.


Loverboy Squiggle

The SQUIGGLE print. Based on a free-flowing and undulating illustration, this piece is designed to look like its moving - intended to add a pop of colour to casual look, or to be seen rising above trousers with shirts tucked-in, in classic LOVERBOY style.


Which print is your personal favourite?

It's very hard to choose... the all-over Scream print turned out pretty amazingly. That's the style I'm most looking forward to wearing myself.


What do you want people to feel when they first put on one of your prints?

I'd love it if people felt ready to have a laugh.


Loverboy Squirm

The SQUIRM print. With a tile of the signature Loverboy portrait - amongst interpretations of sperm - there is a playfulness here... The primal, primary clash of red and blue imbues positivity. Wear it with a smile.

Why Björn Borg?

It's interesting - underwear's actually been a big part of the LOVERBOY aesthetic story, thinking about it. In my earliest shows, I was obsessed with boxers pulled high over trousers. But we've never been able to do our own, so this project has been a lot of fun, and if you're going to develop boxers what could be better than working with one of the best brands in the world.


Loverboy logga