Björn Borg | #TEAMBORG - @ollivves

#TEAMBORG - @ollivves

Meet @ollivves, a part of #TEAMBORG.


"I believe in freedom. That’s what drives me. To wake up and do exactly what I feel like doing, to be my own boss. To set my own hours. This is no easy task, I work 7 days a week, sometimes until very late at night and early in the morning. I’m trying to build my name. To become a respectable player within my niche, and to give back, provide value!"




"It’s many times a lonely road. To choose a path that the people around you won’t go on. Not have the security of a safe job, a steady income, a way to pay the rent, let alone find someone who would even consider you as a tenant. To be considered a low-life, without a job. A crazy guy with a camera chasing a far away dream.

That is until you make it. When you prove your vision through daily action and grind. I believe it is possible to reach the goal of finding absolute freedom. To wake up every day, happy, energised, and to be able to do what you truly love.

That is my goal and I’m gonna chase it. Hell, I’m chasing it already!"


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