Do those things that makes you feel living in the now

Do those things that makes you feel living in the now.

Jul 21th 2017

Doing things that you love and living in the moment is a beautiful feeling we sometimes forget to maintain. Children are experts on creating and turning every place they enter to into a playground where they can be active, having fun and just living in the moment.

As an adult and having more responsibilities we may not have the same opportunity as children. However, the perfect moment where you can become physically active and having fun is through sports or training. It is in those moment where you can honestly feel you are living in the now.

Björn Borg

You don’t always have to be a member of a sports club or even have a gym card to be active. Sometimes what only requires from you is to find that passion within you to do an activity you love and maybe also to ask a friend or collogue if they have or want to join you and create a “playground” you both will enjoy. If dancing or creating dance choreography is one of your passion just find your time to feel the rhythm of the music through your body and create that feeling with others.

Björn Borg

We at Björn Borg encourage you to always find your way to live in the present. When doing things with passion and together with others, there is a sense of winning attitude that multiplies.

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