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Marriage Unblocked

Opening up marriage for all via blockchain. Because no state or religion should control love. Just like sports, love is for everyone.

Marriage-Unblocked   Marriage-Unblocked 


We believe that being all you can be in sports first demands the right to be who you are in life. The first basic right is to love whoever you want. Marriage Unblocked makes it possible for everyone to go down the aisle on blockchain, store your encrypted vows forever and get a certificate of your digital marriage.

 Anonymously or proudly public. No state, religion or family approval needed. Because just like sports, love is for everyone!



“We've been planning on getting married for a while now but since it’s not legal in our home country, we don't know if or when that will ever happen. But now we are married, and it feels fantastic.

We also hope our blockchain marriage pushes societies to recognize a basic human right - marriage equality" - Sybille and Alexandra, the first couple to get married through Marriage Unblocked.


Björn Borg AR tifo at World Cup


World Cup kick-off hi-jacked for LGBTQ rights

In the name of love and Marriage Unblocked, we stood up for LGBTQ rights during the Russia vs. Saudi Arabia, FIFA World Cup Premiere game. A Bold Agumented reality-tifo was snuck into the arena, with thousands of users embracing the right to love whoever they want.

No state, religion or family approval needed. We wanted to inspire people to take a stand against marriage inequality and specifically Russia’s and Saudi’s oppression of the LGBTQ community.




What is Marriage Unblocked?
A platform where anyone - yes, anyone - can get married. It's a symbolic marriage that is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. It's a symbolic marriage – you can't use it in court. But you can use it to send out a loud and clear message to open up marriages for everyone. And to store your love for each other, forever.


What is Blockchain?
A new way of writing and storing code. Whatever information you enter on the blockchain will be stored in a separate block forever. The most renown use case is Bitcoin, but blockchain technology can be used for many things, not only banking. Now Björn Borg uses the same technology to open up marriages for everyone.


How do I propose?
Join the cause and simply click "I do" at