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Female Heroes

They inspire us everyday by pursuing their dreams and breaking barriers in business, technology and beyond. We wanted to highlight and tribute women who have had an impact, by interviewing two female heroes. Sharing a few words of wisdom including their experiences, setbacks and challenges of being leaders and mentoring others.





Interview with Ulrika Holm,

founder of Blueberry Lifestyle

Can you share a little bit about what it is that you do?

I am Creative director and Communications manager at a healthy fast food chain named Blueberry Lifestyle. I founded the company in 2006, so I've been managing it for 12 years now. My husband Herman is also an entrepreneur and we have two daughters, Elle and Rose.


Who's someone you look up to and why?

My daughter. She really lives by her values. And my husband for knowing how to prioritize, and teaching me that. He's my rock. And our CEO for managing to work with me, and for bringing order and structure into an entrepreneurial company.




What are you words to live by?

Trust your gut feeling! And if you don't understand why you're unsure about an issue or situation, explore this more. Let someone ask you a lot of questions about the specific issue, and you'll find the answers you need within.


What does "health" mean to you?

Everything! Without it nothing in life works, or is enjoyable.


What do you do to empower others?

Listen to them and give them positive feedback. Every day.


In your personal life or work career, were there any mentors who have helped you grow along the way?

There's been so many mentors along the way! Mostly my husband, but also Fredrik Båge from Wispr Group. I've learned a lot from our investors – they're amazingly professional and experienced people.


You started ”Blueberry Charity”, where a part of the profit from each sold smoothie is being donated to charity. Could you tell us more about this concept?

We do various initiatives to give back to society and ”pay it forward”. It is part of our values to do good for both general health, the people and the planet.

Sometimes we do a charity smoothie together with a celebrity to collect money and raise awareness for a cause, and sometimes we participate in or organize our own events. An example is #breathesthlm - a mindfulness event we had at Stureplan, where we also served a healthy Blueberry breakfast at the end of the event.

Food is imporant for not only our health but also for the environment and the wellbeing of other people, all over the world. We're trying to do what we can to improve it all.


How do you foster a positive corporate environment with engagement and openness through all levels of the company?

I apply "Management by walking around", visiting the stores and not only staying inside the office. I tend to become too friendly sometimes, and that's not always the best way, so I also employ people who have better management skills than I have.


What are your future ambitions?

For Blueberry, the plan is to grow more. By growing bigger we can inspire more and more people to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. That motivates me - that the Blueberry brand is a vehicle for that!


How do you become the best version of yourself?

By sleeping minimum 8 hours a night and constantly remind myself to prioritize better. You can't do it all. Focus is key.

Blueberry Lifestyle, founded in 2006, is a Stockholm based healthy fast food chain that aims to inspire people to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. The values are centered around doing what is best in the areas of food, people and the planet! Mission is to make ”Urban Health” attractive and readily available.



Interview with Malin Torstensson,

CEO FitnessCollection.


Introduce yourself briefly. Can you share a little bit about what it is that you do?

I'm the CEO of FitnessCollection; a service which gathers the best training studios into one membership. My team and I want to inspire our members to enjoy a variation of training to live an active and healthy life.

My interest in tech companies and start-ups started a couple of years ago and I've become very fond of new technical gadgets to make my home smarter.




What words do you live by?

Live. Learn. Adapt. Repeat.


What do you do to empower others?

Set the right expectations and create a clear vision. Create clarity around what the individual roles needs to get done, and what the whole company needs to get done.

The combination of context and required results gives people the room to be innovative and take initiative. Building a good organization is like putting together a difficult puzzle.


In your personal life or throughout your career, were there any mentors who have helped you grow along the way?

I'm blessed to be surrounded by supporting and inspiring friends who also happen to be entrepreneurs. Knowing this group is an incredible resource of knowledge to have. I'm able to discuss both problems and thoughts with them. Most often, someone else has already experienced the same thing.


Who do you look up to and why?

I don't have a specific person. But I get inspired by female entrepreneurs, and motivated by male entrepreneurs.To be precise. I get inspired by the amazing goals other women have accomplished and I get motivated to achieve what male entrepreneurs have already achieved.


How could the tech industry be more open for women?

Lately we've seen a lot of new, awesome initiatives to embrace women to be more inspired to work within tech. It still requires a lot of change before there's an equal opportunity environment in tech and the start-up scene.

We can all contribute in different ways. i.e. encourage our kids in primary school to learn how to code or let entrepreneurs lector for students in high school. It's all about setting the right scene and environment for young women to be inspired to enter the stage!

In my actions as a female CEO, I can contribute by encouraging young women to apply for internships, support my employees equally regardless of gender, and think deeply about how I present available job positions in a way that make them equally attractive for both genders.


What's your advice to women pursuing tech careers?

… and a little more self-confidence!
(And don't be afraid to ask for help!)


How do you become the best version of yourself?

In my position at work I try to set the right expectations and a clear vision for both the company and myself. I also learned how to prioritize and take control of my time in a better way.


FitnessCollection is Sweden’s first holistic fitness subscription that access you to over 140 training studios in Stockholm & Gothenburg every day. Members can easily access and combine disciplines training sessions at studios such as Barry's Bootcamp, Altromondo, Yogayama, Clarion Hotel, Padelverket, Kampsportstadion, Urban Ride and World Class. Workouts anytime - anywhere!