Björn Borg | Sweden's Christmas gift of the year

Sweden's Christmas gift of the year

The recycled garment.

Each year since 1988, Swedish business data group HUI Research has picked what they think will be Sweden’s most popular Christmas gift of the year. In order for a product to be assigned Christmas Gift of the Year, it has to represent something typical of that year, have a great number of sold units and/or raised new interest that year.

The chosen gift for this year will be “the recycled garment", a gift that represents the time we live in:


"The recycled garment reflects the Swedish interest for new sustainable alternatives and increasing concerns about climate and environment. The recycled garment captures a time where new business models and technological innovations enable a more sustainable consumption", the HUI report states. 


At Björn Borg we work with two kinds of recycled garments. We use recycled polyester derived from PET bottles and other plastics, reducing our dependency on oil. And the recycled polyamide is made out of waste from the manufacturing industry and old fish nets from our seas.

To find out more about our sustainability efforts, like the use of water saving technology for colouring fabrics, click here.


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