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Björn Borg x Liam Hodges

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@liam__hodges has been labeled as a designer for the mad and bad ones.

His influences are drawn from the modern male subcultures, English Paganism, Hip-Hop, Skatewear, and Post-Punk. His unique approach to fashion and his Brittish heritage has made him into one of the most interesting designers today. Together with our designers Liam Hodges has created his first underwear collection.

The prints of the collection – Scriler, Tag and Cracked – are inspired by the brands’ earlier, often mono chromatic, approach to graphics and have been created through both analogue and digital means.

“With the prints, I wanted to build on the identity of Liam Hodges outside of seasonal narratives and direction. The focus was on the brand identity and creating what felt like cut and paste collages with a marker pen. The focus was on presenting something hand drawn and 'real world' with all its mess and complications.”

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Liam Hodges