Björn Borg | Ask the coach, pt. 2: nutrition

Ask the coach, pt. 2: nutrition

Safe Education

We´re teaming up with Safe Education, a Scandinavian company educating personal trainers and nutritionists. Their coaches have years of experience in exercise, nutrition and mental health. For the upcoming weeks, they will serve us as digital coaches, answering our questions on a certain topic!

This week we have the dietitian Jill Holmström with us, answering our questions regarding nutrition, supplements and other dos and don'ts.


What should I eat before a workout? 

There is no special food for exercise. Cover your need for energy on your regular meals! What you should eat before a workout depends on what time you are doing your workout. The general recommendation is that a larger meal should be taken 2-4 hours before working out and/or a snack 1-2 hours before working out. If you do your workout early in the morning, it is your intake (that is stored) from the day before that will be used as fuel/energy.

An example of a larger meal is potatoes, salmon, vegetables and sauce. A snack can, for example, be a banana and a glass of milk.

 Best nutrition advice? 

 Eat colourful food!

Can you work out on an empty stomach? I’m never hungry in the morning.

It works perfectly well to do that! We have energy stored in our bodies so if you’re not hungry, there is no problem to go from your bed to your workout.

Is performance affected if you work out before VS after breakfast? 

No, it's more about your (potentially limited) ability to perform early in the morning. Your results will be based on the intensity and duration of your workout.

Is it better to eat more meals but smaller portions than the opposite for muscle gain? 

Your muscle growth will depend on how you exercise, your sleeping and overall intake of energy and nutrition. Most people fulfill their energy and nutritional requirements through 3-6 meals per day.

Are protein shakes necessary? 

No, but it can sometimes be an easy way to get protein. If you already, by the food you eat, cover your protein needs you will not have any extra effect of the protein from the shake. The body will convert the extra protein into glucose which becomes extra energy in the body. 

Safe Education

What do you think about BCAA supplements? 

Few active people eat food with such bad basic ingredients that they need BCAA supplements. If you eat high-protein foods, you already get plenty of BCAA. The liver will convert the extra BCAA into glucose. In that case, it is better to eat fruits - because then you will get your glucose with lots of vitamins! 

What do you think of intimate fasting? Combined with training? 

Intimate fasting is an eating behaviour. If it fits into your lifestyle to eat for a limited number of hours and you still get all the energy and nutrition you need - then it shouldn’t be any problem. If you like to try it, make sure to listen to your body. 

Should women change their diet during their period?

Some people are more hungry during their period. It may be a good idea to prioritize larger portions of food during these days.

Why do I sometimes feel hungry right after I’ve eaten?

Eat more, try a larger portion!

Why do I sometimes feel nauseous after heavy training? 

It can be caused by many reasons. I recommend you to see your doctor first.

If you can only pick one thing no one should eat, what would it be? 

There is no prohibition when it comes to food if you don´t have an allergy.


That's all considering nutrition, next week we will find out more about mental health! Ask your questions on our Instagram and stay tuned!

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