Björn Borg | The cooling effect of Ice Borg underwear

The cooling effect of Ice Borg underwear

Remember when you could do hand-stands or flip around like flipper without any problem during your teen-age years and your classmates back then thought you were cool?

As you were getting older you noticed that practising was the only way for you to perform those extraordinary movements. And as for today, even though you can flip around like an Olympian gymnast or walking around with your hands more than you do with your feet, you no longer do it for the sake of impressing others since being cool doesn’t define who you truly are.

Ice Borg, Performance Underwear

Having the desire pushing yourself to make yourself better in whatever you put your mind into you need to exercise on the regular. As we at Björn Borg know the importance of improving oneself we have upgraded the Performance Underwear with an impressive technology, so cooling we like to call it ICE BORG.

"The Performance Underwear line is made from advanced performance fibres. This material has a unique cooling effect and an ultra-soft feel to the skin. The technology helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature during/after physical performance and in hot weather.” – Toni Marevic, Head of Design at Björn Borg