Björn Borg | Techno yoga with Sweat So Salty

Techno yoga with Sweat So Salty

You know that summer-high feeling you get at a festival? And that calming euphoria after a yoga workout? 


If you're tired of the typical yoga flow and it's been too long since you've experienced that festival vibe... then check this out. Together with Sweat So Salty we hosted a Techno Yoga class at studio The Trainers in Amsterdam. Salty has teamed up with three amazing yoga teachers and the talented techno dj Mark Molina, for a once in a lifetime workout experience. 


Simply put, this is the combination of techno music and the practice of yoga. Techno can make your workouts a more rich experience. When you listen to music, all four lobes in your brain react and dopamine, the chemical hormone that brings you pleasure, is released. The emotional peaks of listening to good music can create an even bigger dopamine hit for your workout session.


Stay tuned to enter zen mode with us - more coming soon..


Photograph: Floris van Bergen

Thanks to team Sweat So Salty!





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