Interviews / Stories - 2019 / 12 / 20

Björn Borg x Godsent

They seek to emphasize the physical and mental aspects of gaming to optimize performance in the game as well as in life.

"Since I started my career as an entrepreneur in esports I have worked to incorporate workout regiments in the life of professionals players since it to me always has been easy to recognize the obvious benefits of being fit when you try to be the best at anything. Therefore, I am extremely proud to be able to bring Björn Borg into our world and collaborate with them to bring higher standards to our organization and the esports world in general by putting the focus on the physical aspect of the professional lifestyle of the esports athlete”

Ludwig Sandgren, CEO GODSENT

”I look very much forward to our collaboration with Godsent. We both share a strong belief that physical training adds far more value than just feeling good. For Godsent, it has added value in becoming the best in the world within esports."

Henrik Bunge, CEO Björn Borg

GODSENT competes in six of the world's major esport titles with prominent teams in the CS: GO and Dota 2 international Pro Circuits.

Nachhaltigkeit / Interviews - 2021 / 08 / 27

Our focus this year lies on the climate. We have signed up for reaching the 1,5° goal, meaning that we have to decrease our emissions by 30-50% by 2030.

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Stories - 2021 / 09 / 07

We’re teaming up with Tough Viking, the leading and largest Obstacle Race in Scandinavia.

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Stories - 2021 / 09 / 06

We don’t believe in norms - we believe in following our own vision with clear determination.

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Collections / Interviews - 2021 / 09 / 06

New capsule collection inspired by the Swedish darkness - Running from daylight.

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